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Who We Are

Altered NWLA is a non-profit agency whose mission is “to provide a network for young women to access information, tools and resources needed to ALTER their path in life and positively impact their community.” Altered started because 2 women had a passion to significantly empower the lives of young women in Shreveport-Bossier City.

The name ALTERED was the result of a strategic planning exercise where we affirmed what we wanted our young women to Feel, Be and Live. It is collective summary of our statement of affirmation that “I Am…”

  • Accountable
  • Loved
  • Transformed
  • Empowered
  • Resilient
  • Educated
  • Driven

“Our passion is inspiring young women to reach higher and dream bigger because when young women are given a chance they can impact their community.”

“As women it’s painful to see the struggles that most young women are faced with, as we have had our own struggles. It’s only when a woman becomes empowered that she can face her challenges and ALTER her LIFE positively. Young women increase their chances of succeeding when they have Mentors to provide Real-Life examples.”

Our Program

ALTERED Northwest Louisiana provides mentorship and empowerment programs for young women in the Shreveport­Bossier City area, to develop their leadership abilities, define and achieve personal goals, explore and acquire career and college skills, and more. Our program provides interactive workshops two Saturdays a month, that promote self awareness, self confidence, finding their purpose, goal planning, financial literacy, cultivating sphere of influence, and comfort with public speaking.

These young women are paired with a mentor and provided one on one coaching, based on desire and needs. Our program serves a diverse group of young ladies in our community, between the ages of16 and 25. This organization is open to women of all walks of life and our program is free of charge.100% of your tax deductible contribution to ALTERED will directly support our scholarship fund and ensure that these young women in Northwest Louisiana have access to our leadership and mentorship programs.

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How You Can Help

  1. Identify and nominate a young lady who may not have the resources, network, support or opportunity to participate in a program like ours and whom you feel will benefit from Altered.
  2. Become a Sponsor by investing in our efforts.
  3. Become a Donor and give to our online fundraising campaign By Clicking Here.
  4. Donate in-kind items to assist us with operating the program (food, clothes, laptops, tablets, printers, paper, gift cards, meeting space, hotel/lodging gifts, etc)
  5. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
  6. Become a Volunteer/Mentor/Trainer/Speaker at a monthly meeting or special event
  7. Give us your feedback, support and prayers.

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